Distinguishing Qualifications

    • Over 45+ years of experience in electric system design, planning, engineering, and management

    • Specialist in protective relaying, metering, and substation control systems

    • Experienced in utility substations design, high-voltage overhead and underground distribution design, photovoltaic and wind project design

    • Significant experience with the design, construction, and inspection of photovoltaic power plants from kW to multi-MW rating

    • Specialist in system studies and special investigations including finite element thermal analysis, transient simulation, protection coordination, magnetic fields, voltage drop, and fault current analysis

    • Experience with commercial building electrical design; electric service design, power distribution and grounding; experienced with arc flash analysis and mitigation

    • Extensive background in long-range planning, contingency studies, and construction work plan development


    Master of Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, California Polytechnic State University (1976)

    Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering, California Polytechnic State University (1975)


    Pacific Gas and Electric, 1970-1980, intern & engineer
    City of Palo Alto Electric Utility, 1980-1995, engineering manager
    Emerald Peoples Utility District, 1997-1998, senior engineer
    Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, 1998-2001, chief engineer
    TriAxis Engineering, 2001-2016, senior electrical engineer
    David Evans and Associates, 2016-2018, senior electrical engineer
    Willamette Power Engineer, 2018-now, president

    Professional Engineer Registration

    California (11947, exp 9/30/2023)
    Oregon (18947, exp 12/31/2023)
    Washington (38093, exp 9/2/2022)
    Idaho (13076, exp 9/30/2023)
    New Mexico (20259, exp 12/31/2023)
    Hawaii (15270, exp 4/30/2022)
    Nevada (23404, exp 12/31/2022)


    Experienced with Office word processing and spreadsheet applications; expert in ASPEN Distriview system modeling and protective coordination software, QuickField finite element analysis software for electromagnetic and thermal modeling.

    Electric Utility Power Distribution

    • Protective relay coordination designs and settings for SEL, ABB, Basler, Cooper relays, including commissioning support

    • Expert in interconnections between distributed power producers and electric utility systems

    • Power substation control design for large and small substations including full control schematics and wiring diagrams

    • Evaluation of power factor and loading for industrial and generation facilities including design of multi-stage automatic power factor correction control for capacitor installation

    • Designed and evaluated medium-voltage (4-, 12-, 21-kV) distribution systems capacity, protection, and voltage regulation improvements

    • Developed methods for evaluating and optimizing the locations of transpositions in medium-voltage high-power circuits

    • Designed expansion of and control improvements to high-voltage (60-, 69-, 115-, 230-kV) transmission systems

    • Developed specifications and standards for materials and construction practices

    • Provides detailed power quality analyses for distributed generation

    Photovoltaic and Wind Projects

    • Provide low-voltage and medium-voltage design for the connection of photovoltaic power projects in net metering and independent power production applications

    • Acted as 3rd-party reviewer for large (100MW+) photovoltaic power plant projects providing comprehensive design review

    • Provided on-site construction inspection for large-scale photovoltaic power plant including substation, underground collection and inverters

    • Act as owner’s engineer during the interconnection application and study process for photovoltaic power plants connected to medium- and high-voltage grids

    • Provided collection and substation design for wind projects from single-generator to large-scale projects.

    Airport Facilities

    • Prepared design documents for navigation and airport lighting system upgrades and construction at various municipal, county and state airports in Washington & Oregon; multiple locations.
    • Provide general engineering support for airport facilities including terminals, hangars, etc. at multiple locations.

    Planning and Analysis

    • Perform fault studies, load-flow/voltage drop studies, long- and short-range workplans

    • Protective system coordination studies including complex distance and over-current devices and complete system studies

    • Perform finite element analysis of the thermal capacity of underground transmission cables including transient and dynamic loading

    • Familiar with underground transmission line design including cross-bonding.

    • Provide forensic support in areas of underground cable analysis, protective systems, arc flash hazard, and power quality.

    Commercial Buildings

    • Electrical service upgrades for elementary and high schools; feeder and branch systems for major equipment upgrades, complete power design

    • Interior classroom and exterior lighting including occupancy and timed controls for compliance with state regulations; egress lighting requirements; parking lot lighting; security lighting; night-sky compliance

    • General layout for data systems including Cat 5 cabling, telephone, security, fire alarm

    • Standby power generation for data centers; redundant power supply design for data centers

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